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Category: flexible data cables

Areas of useThese PVC (screened) cables are used in industrial applications for signal transmission.These can be easily used with their flexible construction in narrow applications like: electronic control systems of computer or audio systems or in communication sector, electronic circuits, measurement devices, machine design,office equipment, etc. Screening protects the cable from the outer electrical effects.
ConductorStranded Electrolytic Annealed Copper
ShieldingTinned copper wire braiding 70 % coverage
SeparatorPolyester foil
Drain wire-
Outer sheathPVC
Max. Operating voltage0.14mm²..0.25mm² 250V; 0.34mm²..1.50mm² 300V/500V; 2.50mm²…... 450V/750V
Temperature rangeFixed -30 °C........+70 °C; Flexible -5 °C........+70 °C

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